Do I have to be a member to use the range?

Yes, the range is not open to the general public. The range is for the exclusive use of members, guests of members, and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service by permission.

What documents are required to be considered for membership?
Prospective members are required to provide the following documents to be considered for membership:
  1. fully filled out online questionnaire, which can be found on this website under “MEMBERSHIP” tab.
  2. $600.00 payment which includes the first 12 months of provisional membership. (The following full membership is $350.00 per annum).
  3. a photo I.D. (i.e. a passport or drivers license).
  4. a clean police record (issued within the 3 months prior to your application).
  5. a liability release form.
How often do you accept new members?

We generally try to bring new members regularly throughout the year, depending on demand and the availability of our range officers. Applicants for new membership can visit the range by invitation only. Uninvited guest will be asked to leave the premises immediately. The cost to join CISSA is CI$600, which includes the first 12 months of provisional membership. The following full membership is CI$350.00 per annum.

Are firearms available for rent?

Yes, a variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns are available for rent for range use only.

Does the association sell ammunition?

Yes, CISSA sells a variety of the more popular ammunition for range use only.

Do you currently offer archery at CISSA?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to launch the archery program at our present location due to a lack of space.

I'm planning of visiting the Cayman Islands. As a licensed firearms owner in my home country, can I bring a firearm with me?
The Cayman Islands has very strict laws on the possession of firearms and it is illegal to possess a firearm, as defined by the Firearms Law (includes parts, components, live and spent ammunition), without a Firearms License specifically authorized by the Commissioner of Police. Punishment for the offense is severe with a minimum of 10 years imprisonment.
On several occasions unsuspecting visitors were lucky not to receive the minimum 10 year and/or $20k punishment.
Our advice would be to leave your firearm(s) at home and be sure to thoroughly check all your bags for anything that might inadvertently ruin your trip.
How do I obtain a firearm license or import a firearm in to the Cayman Islands?

As a sport shooting association, we do not promote firearm ownership nor do we have authority regarding the licensing or importation of firearms in the Cayman Islands.  All such queries should be directed to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (www.rcips.ky).

I've competed the online information questionnaire. How long will it be until I receive a response?

The approximate timetable for CISSA’s board to review applicants and respond is generally in the region of 1 – 4 months. However, it may take more than 4 months depending on demand and availabity of range officers.

Is membership guaranteed once I meet the requirements listed in question 2 above?

No, membership is not guaranteed.   Membership will only be granted once CISSA’s board have determined, based on a provisional member’s participation, conduct and safety record, that membership is warranted.

What if I am unable to attend the new member event that I have been invited to?

Please let us know at the earliest opportunity and we will try to invite you to the next available event.

I've emailed CISSA via the website, how long until I receive a response.

CISSA’s website and email accounts are monitored intermittently, however, we normally try to respond to general enquiries within 1 – 2 weeks.

I'm interested in membership but membership is closed and the online questionnaire is unavailable at this time; what should I do?

Please check our website regularly for the opening of membership applications and the reappearance of the online questionnaire.