Range Rules

Eye and ear protection must be worn by all people that are in the vicinity of any shooting

  1. Basic Rules of Firearms Safety Shall Be Observed At All Times
  2. Always treat a firearm as if it were loaded.
  3. Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  4. Finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  5. Know your target, its surroundings, and what lies beyond it.
  6. No shooting if you have consumed alcohol or any other judgment impairing substance.

Safe Firearms Handling

  1. Firearms on the firing line CANNOT BE HANDLED OR TOUCHED at ANY TIME while people are down range.
  2. Firearms must be unloaded until in a designated shooting area and it is safe to shoot.
  3. Firearms shall have their actions open and visible when not shooting. Exceptions are holstered pistols and revolvers.
  4. Unless shooting, keep removable magazines separated from fireams including “fixed” ones that require a tool.
  5. Communicate with other shooters on the line.

Range Operations

  1. There is always a Range Safety Officer (“RSO”).
  2. During recrational shooting, the left most shooter is the default RSO unless a designated line officer is present.
  3. The RSO is responsible for (1) Declaring the range hot or cold, (2) Inspecting firearms for safe condition when going cold and (3) Monitoring for safe firearms handling whether the range is hot or cold.
  4. All commands of any designated Range Safety Officer are to be obeyed instantly.
  5. Everyone is equally responsible for safety; anyone can call a “CEASE FIRE” if they observe an unsafe condition.
  6. Before going hot, all people must be behind the firing line and it is safe to shoot. The range must be loudly called “HOT” before handling firearms or commencing fire.
  7. No one is allowed forward of the firing line once the range is hot.
  8. Before going cold or clear, all firearms must be unloaded and benched/grounded with actions open and pointing down-range.
  9. The range must be loudly called “DOWN” or “COLD” before anyone may proceed downrange.
  10. All shooting must be into the impact areas for each range. No shooting at random targets, e.g., rocks, trees, etc. No shooting at glass containers. Each shooter is responsible for retrieving and properly disposing of used targets, brass, and shotgun hulls.
  11. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted.
  12. Do not shoot if you are taking medication that impairs your ability to safely handle a firearm.
  13. Horseplay and other unsafe activity is prohibited.
  14. Please leave the range cleaner than you found it.